Consumer Surveys International - Coffee Survey - 20230202-14

We sincerely appreciate and thank you for your time and assistance by participating in our COFFEE SURVEY. As our way of saying "Thank-You", please enter your email address in the appropriate area below and we will subscribe you to our monthly digital news feature, "The Cup and Saucer." We will not share the information that you have supplied in the survey below and will not share your email address or make it available. Please note that * in red means that the question must be answered.
How old were you when you started drinking coffee?
What kind of coffee do you prefer?
Besides coffee, do you drink Tea (including Green Tea)
Why do you drink coffee? *
Do you think that coffee has health benefits?
What is your preferred coffee?
Where do you purchase your coffee?
How is your coffee brewed at home?
How is your coffee brewed at work?
How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?
How many people in your household drink coffee?
Where do you drink most of your coffee during the day?
Does your brand of coffee contain any added ingredients- Maca, Green Tea, American Ginseng?
Did you know that taking care of your brain’s health now can help delay or prevent the onset of cognitive dysfunction, including dementia, Alzheimer’s, and more general memory loss as you get older.
Would you be interested in receiving information about coffee that was scientifically developed that your Brain will Love?
Which of the following is your coffee preference?
What price would you pay for a 300 gram / 10.58 ounce bag of coffee that would include herbal ingredients to aid in boosting your daily mental clarity and focus
At home, where do you store your coffee?
When do you drink most coffee?